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7/8/08 12:18 am - Elvenefris.

"Lykathea is a word that I created as a concept for a certain level of spirituality and knowledge that mankind is at right now. So Lykathea aflame is a poetic and symbolic expression for spiritual evolution … For when we´ll finally reach " Home "… Lykathea in the flames of light, understanding, sympathy, reconciliation, compassion, love and submission. We walk from Lykathea to Elvenefris... Elvenefris is the spiritual upgrade of Lykathea. It is "home", it is the place where we all finally walk. It is the infinite beauty of pure being, joy, happiness, integrity … and God. " -Ptoe of Lykathea Aflame's explanation of the meaning behind the band and album name.  I thought it was quite moving, so that's why i named my LJ "Elvenefris".
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